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At the Free School we feel very strongly that music is an essential component of school life.

Children’s musical learning is based around our first instrument, the voice. Lessons always start with singing and all children also have singing assembly once a week.

Please read on to discover all the musical opportunities that are available for your child at Hatcham Temple Grove Free School.


Music in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

Lessons are delivered by a music specialist and are usually one hour per week. Music lessons support children to use their voice with confidence and increased accuracy. They explore musicianship by participating in musical games and activities. Children are supported to perform with a sense of the pulse. Later in the year, children use musical games to differentiate between the beat and the rhythm. They learn to read and write musical phrases using the Kodaly and Solfege methods. In KS1 this includes crotchets, quavers and rests. This is then supplemented by adding pitch and children learn to sight sing and create their own musical phrases. In the final part of the year children take part in creative projects including; writing their own class song, creating a rhythmic piece and writing their own musical phrases. They are also supported to refine, perform, record and evaluate their composition.

Music in Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6)

Lessons are delivered by a music specialist and are usually one hour per week. Children continue to use their voice and learn to sing with increased accuracy and expression, learning warm ups and vocal techniques to maintain vocal health. Children at KS2 begin to explore part singing and singing in harmony through a variety of styles and genres. At KS2 children improve their reading and writing of music by developing their work on Kodaly and Solfege. Their musical notation repertoire expands and allows them to sight sing using the Pentatonic and Octave range. Children also learn to play the Djembe (in lower KS2) and the Ukulele (in upper KS2). Their learning of rhythm and pitch can be channelled into instrumental studies and whole class ensemble playing. In upper KS2 children play in whole class bands and perform pieces of contemporary music.

Extra-curricular and instrumental opportunities

At HTGFS children have a wealth of extra-curricular musical activities to choose from. These include; string ensemble, school choir and hand bells. We also offer 1:1 tuition on a range of instruments including; violin, clarinet, guitar, piano and brass. At HTGFS we aim offer our children a range of performance and learning experiences. Our most recent opportunities include a workshop on steel pans, samba drums and dancing with Kinetika Blocco. Events include; the Christmas Concert at Jerningham Hall, HTGFS Christmas Fayre, Brockley Christmas Market. We were very excited to take part in ‘Young Voices’ at the O2 arena. The children are excited to be learning a range of repertoire covering Classical, Broadway and Pop!