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Friends of the Free School

Friends of the Free School is the PTA group for HFS.

Click this link to go through to their website for more information and details of how to get involved.

Parent Representatives

You may (or may not) be aware that each class at our school has a Parent Representative.

These parents have either put themselves forward for the role or been nominated as representatives. In some instances there is more than one representative per class.

As your Reps we want to be able to help and support you (by responding to your feedback) and in so doing help our school become a better place for parents and students.

As the school grows we will add new representatives each year. If you wish to become a class representative please let the school know via Miss Banton e.banton@habstrustsouth.org.uk 

Our Mission/Aims

  • To be a bridge between parents and the school for issues which might be of general concern/interest e.g. questions about the curriculum, school safety, size and choice of school meals etc
  • To be visible and accessible to the parents and to the school.
  • To both solicit and provide feedback to parents and the administration (see ‘How it Works’- below) - on a one-to-one basis or via broadcast communication as is appropriate and respectful.
  • To support the activities of the Friends of the Free School as a resource investigator between each specific class and the FoFS by identifying resources/talents within the parent community to support events that benefit the school community socially e.g. welcoming new parents and financially e.g. supporting creation of the Wildlife Garden

HTGFS is growing and with our ever changing community there are inevitably issues and questions that occur along the way. You might be a working parent who is unable to drop or pick up your kids, you might be unsure or concerned about raising something directly with the school. You might not know how to find information or just be wondering ‘how things work around here’!

What we are not

  • Not a barrier to having a direct discussion with Mr Welsh or your child’s teacher if there is something you are concerned about!
  • We are not facilitators of discussions with Mr Welsh on issues which are solely individual issues.
  • Not the go-to people for collecting money for school events or teachers’ presents.
  • Not an alternative to reading the weekly newsletter!

How it works

About once every six weeks throughout the school year the parent representatives will meet with the school leadership aka Mr David Welsh.

Approximately one week before the meeting we will circulate an email (or say hello and ask you directly) asking you for any questions or concerns - as well as any positive feedback - you’d like us to share with Mr Welsh.

Usually within 48 hours of the meeting we will circulate a summary of the meeting highlighting the key issues discussed and any outcomes or actions resulting from those issues.

Please feel free to approach us directly to have a word (there will be photos when we have a new school website & also on the bulletin boards in the school yard).